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Justin Daley is the instructor for the Law & Public Safety Programs.  He is a 2007 graduate of LCHS, graduate of the Mississippi State Fire Academy (MSFA), graduate of Co-Lin with AA in Criminal Justice, and MS Certified Teacher Licensure (2016 RCU)

 He is married to Katie Daley, RN, BSN. They reside in Monticello and are members of Monticello Baptist Church. They have five children, Maci (6th grade), Micah (2nd Grade), Magnolia, Madilyn, and Maddox. Both school age children attend in Lawrence County.  

Having a heart for your community is a big part of the Public Safety field and he has done that in many ways throughout his life. An award that he was very appreciative of was in 2017 when he received the Graham Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding community involvement. Though the name of the award may suggest it was achieved he continues to give back and be active in church, the Service Club, youth sports, and other areas in the community.  

He started the journey in the public safety field when he joined the Monticello Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter in 2007 (Firefighter of the year 2008 & 2009). This is where he was able to understand that learning was not just in a classroom with a book, but hands on knowledge was just as valuable. This experience would lead him to a dream opportunity in 2011 when he was hired by the City of Columbia as a Career Fireman. Upon graduation of MSFA in 2012 he would go on to enjoy three good years in Columbia. That experience and training would him get hired in 2014 as Captain of the Monticello Fire Department. It was an honor for him to come back to where it all had started in his hometown of Monticello.

This experience would open the door to be hired in 2016 as the Law and Public Safety Instructor for the Lawrence County Career and Technology Center. The program being a first ever for Lawrence County and Mr. Daley becoming a certified teacher allowed the program to take shape on how he envisioned it along with the state standards helping guide the program. As with his career the program allows students to see many aspects of the field. This includes: Law Enforcement, Legal Systems, Courtroom Roles, Career readiness (Year 1 students) and Crime Scene Investigations, EMS, Emergency Management, Fire Service, job related experiences (Year 2 students). Students in the program have the option to join the National organization SKILLS USA. This allows them to compete against other students around the state in competitions such as Crime Scene Investigations, Firefighting Skills, and Criminal Justice.